Tax advice

  • Ongoing tax advice to natural persons and legal entities  domiciled in Germany or abroad
  • Preparation of any relevant tax filings, incl. E-balance sheets
  • Preparation of tax returns for foreign companies
  • Calculation of deferred taxes pursuant to different accounting standards



  • Taxation of domestic  and cross-border movements of goods and services,
  • Recapitulative statements regarding  international transactions


Preparation of annual accounts

  • Annual accounts (German Commercial Code,  IFRS and US-GAAP)

Tax optimisation

  • Optimisation of corporate structures, especially of  internationally operating investors or corporate groups, including  implementation support
  • Monitoring of existing structures for compliance with legislative developments

Investment tax law

  • Tax returns for the determination of the tax base (sec. 180 of the German Tax Code) for investments in foreign partnerships or investments of foreign investors in German partnerships
  • Fund tax reporting under the German Investment Tax Act, incl. the issue of tax adviser‘s / auditor‘s certificates in accordance with statutory requirements
  • Tax returns under the German Foreign Tax Act
  • Filings with the Central Agency for Taxes for for the refund of contributions under sec. 27 of the German Corporate Income Tax Act
  • Auditing of funds
  • Tax returns for investment companies under sec. 18 Investment Tax Act / sec. 180 para 1 no. 2 Tax Code

Counselling on tax audits


  • Representation in dealings with tax authorities
  • Tax audits and special VAT audits, incl. digital evaluation